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S'haleam Bandy

Project Management / Product Marketing

S'haleam Bandy

S’haleam (he/they/ze) is a multi-disciplined artist, currently learning coding and working as a freelance Digital Communications Manager.

As a trans native of the South, his work is informed by forgiveness of the mind and memory, and the estrangement we often find in the past and present. S'ha understands the oblivion of history through both the black-southern and trans identities, and the absence of historical intertwining.

Their work is always wondering what the marriage of both our before and after look and feel like. What the humility of experience can bring to tenderness itself, and how they can reflect it in their artistry.

S'ha is so excited to be working with Hatchlings to help cultivate a community of artists together, as this is S'haleam's first passion. He has over the years helped to build countless communities of artists throughout the East Coast region. S'ha delights in possibilities that come with creating the intentions to water artists, and how we should always question why Art seems so exploitative to our society.

Toni Morrison said, "An artist without form is dangerous" - so much of Hatchlings rings true to each experience S'ha has shared up until this point. As a playwright, poet, musician challenging art form and structure is such a fossil that he feels privileged to wrestle with. S'haleam believes the psyche is endless and so are the bounds of expression, and the diagnostic understandings of form should always be questioned. So, it feels like “Hatchlings” is a perfect fit!

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