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hungered-for-kind-of-damange is a collection of poems about the sameness of love and hate and how heaven and hell are only neighboring towns. This is Elizabeth Passmore's second collection of poetry, her first being your roof transcribed.

Hydrants is a collection that connects anxiety ridden bodies to relationships and sexuality through personification of everyday ideas. Through the perspective of a stream of consciousness, the author ponders the mundane in a unique and experimental way.

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your roof transcribed is a collection of poetry about feeling trapped and wanting your mom and when praying doesn't work and feeling sick and there are no periods, just a couple of commas and like one exclaimation point. 

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Organic Engagement is a collection of poetry about the tormenting crests and troughs of new and old loves. Prose, entangled with mathematical and scientific elements, conjure imagery to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain.