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Diana Clough

 Diana Clough, a 43 year old poet and artist from Florida, was raised by immigrant latin parents and is a proud first generation American. Inspired by art, authenticity and vulnerability, Clough creates collages that portray female iconography as predominant. Her themes of the female form permeates her art, not at the expense of a mere sexualization of women’s bodies, but as symbol of it’s inherent power.

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 We are more than the narrative passed down by our mothers and grandmothers. We are more than what we see on Instagram or on tv. My art is an aesthetic expression stating that we are all beautiful, regardless of labels or divisive categories of size and weight, skin color and ethnicity. These are all antiquated concepts meant to contain us, control us and limit us." - Diana Clough, NJ


Tame that body

before they shame somebody.

Claim those hips.

Pout those lips.

They taught us it’s shameful

to be sexy.

Like loving yourself

is a sin.

That’s the generation

we were in.

Love yourself girl,

you only live once.

Grew up hearing...

Button up that shirt!

That skirt’s too short!

You making those men stare.

Shit girl, ask me if I cared.

Hide what God gave you,

don’t give it away!

Child, don’t you see?

They won’t buy the cow,

if they get the milk for free.

If I had a penny

for every ounce of shame.

Every comment of blame.

For the way these legs cross

or who my eyes fall upon

they would all see...

I didn’t choose this body.

The woman I became chose me.

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